DSHS Approved

Welcome to this eLearning course on budgeting and the use of “The E-ffective Budget Manager” or better know as “Content Manager”.  We call it that since a goal of budgeting is to make good use of what we have and therefore be content. Planning and accounting for personal and/or business finances can quickly turn into a nightmare of lost sleep and high anxiety without the knowledge, organization, and tools to manage it. As a caregiver and provider of the elderly, I offer a greater service to them when this and other aspects of taking care of myself are fulfilled.

Here are the main reasons this training and budgeting tool are better than what others offer:

Multiple accounts can be organized in one single view to provide bottom line, is there enough money to pay bills now and, in the future, as well as how much can be put in the savings?

A digital tool created and organized to quickly identify and easily correct plans needing attention in order to maintain paying bills on time and putting money into the savings. 

The E-ffective Budget Manager was created using Microsoft Excel, a familiar tool to many in our day.

You will experience effective training to ensure your understanding of managing your personal and/or business goals and performance.

Planned expenses are measured to Actuals at the detail level.

It does not depend on having to download bank transactions and spending time to categorize them or deal with reconciliation issues.

Planned expenses and deposits are projected over time bringing to light any points of insufficient funds well in advance. 

It is easy to make plan revisions to maintain the goal to save money and pay bills on time. 

This course will provide you with good budgeting habits.

A tool designed to enable quick and easy management of personal and/or business financial goals.